Apple iPad Slams Door on Microsoft SurfaceIt’s no secret that there’s been a war between Microsoft and Apple for years, Apple innovates and Microsoft imitates, and, as tablets are taking over the business world, the Apple iPad might have started closing the door on Microsoft.

Apple just announced a 128-gigabyte version of their fourth generation iPad and no surprise, it comes just as Microsoft is getting ready to launch their Surface brand tablet with Windows 8. Microsoft has been billing their tablet as, “Business, meet pleasure.” Well, “Microsoft, meet frustration” because that’s what’s going to happen. In a press release from Apple, almost all fortune 500 and 85 percent of global 500 companies are deploying on ipads. Not good news on the eve of your 128-gigabyte tablet.

The surface is due out February ninth and Apple is releasing their iPad on February fifth, 4 days before Microsoft. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the suggested retail price is 100 dollars cheaper.

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