Attach Vector Cup Holder and Save In-Flight LaptopsEvery business flight I have ever been on that has beverage service inevitably is followed by beverage clean up. If you want to spend more time focusing on the presentation you have to give and less time wondering if you will be shopping for a new laptop when you land, check out the Vector cup holder.

Cup holders have probably been around for as long as cups, which is why the Vector cup holder is a much needed innovation, especially for the business traveler. Made of aluminum and built to last, it uses a trigger-type vice to secure itself to desk edges or airplane trays and stays where you place it using rubber slip protectors. The stabilizing tongs will secure most beverage containers while a lower ledge provides support for larger cups and bottles, and by design, fits airline cups perfectly.

The Vector cup holder folds down making it portable enough to fit in inside a laptop bag so it is ready when it is needed and weighs less than a smart phone. The Vector cup holder will be ready-to-fly later in 2015, protecting jet-set laptops the sky over for just 50 bucks.

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