Automatic Link Lets Drivers Really Connect with Their CarTo become a more efficient driver and to understand what is going on within your car, you need a way to access the computer on your vehicle. Automatic Labs has your solution, and the connected car adapter takes advantage of the on-board diagnostics data port in most cars since 1996.

Automatic Link is a connected car adapter that easily plugs into the data port located right by the driver’s left knee. When combined with an app available for both Android and iOS, it communicates with your car and displays valuable data right on your smartphone through a Bluetooth connection. Automatic Link trends your driving habits and then makes suggestions on how you can improve based on factors like rough braking, speeding, rapid acceleration and other factors. With this data, it will show you in real time how you are doing on your current trip so you can make changes. Automatic Link then calculates a weekly score that can save you hundreds of dollars a year.

Automatic Link has several other features that can save you time and hassles. It works with the GPS on your phone. If you are in an accident, “Crash Alert” will call emergency services with your name, location and vehicle description automatically. If you have forgotten where you parked, it remembers where your vehicle is to help you find your car. It will even tell you why your check engine light is on so you can plan a service and keep your car running in good condition or turn the light off if it is nothing major.

Automatic Link will begin shipping in July of 2013 and you can pre-order your own for just 70 bucks. A good investment that will save you money and build a deeper connection with your car.

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