Automatic Mechanical Bicycle Tire Inflation with Pump HubEvery time I go for a ride, I check my tire pressure. It is a hassle, but I know it prevents flats, damage to the tires and gives me a better ride. Pump Hub is an innovative idea that will soon give me one less thing to worry about when I hit the road.

Pump Hub is a mechanical air pump inside the wheel hub that uses tire rotation to inflate and maintain desired wheel pressure. The system can be installed on most bike and wheelchair wheels and is adjustable from 40 to 125 psi, covering almost every riding condition from singletrack to road racing. Riders activate the system by throwing a switch on the hub, which generates a slight clicking noise as tire pressure is adjusted and automatically switching off when the limit is achieved. Best of all, there are no batteries or other consumables to the system; you provide the power with your own momentum.

Pump Hub weighs less than four ounces per wheel meaning most riders will not even notice a difference in their bikes performance, except that the ride is great every time. Pump Hub is looking at a release date in late 2015 with a two-wheel set going for 700 bucks.

Check them out: Pump Hub

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