Avoid Pollution and Breathe Easier with a TZOA WearableWe are the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe. Finding clean air is not always easy and pollutants can come from anywhere, lowering air quality even within our own homes.

TZOA is here to help. TZOA is a wearable air quality monitor that uses an internal optical laser and an array of five different sensors to measure particulates in the environment. The information it collects is sent by Bluetooth to a paired smartphone application that tracks air quality in real time. The application provides a visual indication of the air quality, maintains a daily log of exposure to review later and even connects to a crowdsourced map that shows areas of high pollution. Armed with this at-a-glance information, wearers of TZOA can make changes to their daily routes and habits to improve their respiratory health.

TZOA will be available in early 2016, will run 139 bucks and is available for preorder now on their website.

Check it out: TZOA

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