BatteryBot is Serious Mobile Back-Up Power with CharacterWhoever said back-up power supplies had to be boring, dull blocks never bothered to tell Mimoco. Their new MimoPower line in their ever-expanding character based functional toys is BatteryBot, a universal portable charger for mobile devices.

BatteryBot is a rechargeable back-up and portable charger power supply encased in a fun and personal toy character-based case. Don’t let the toy-like appearance fool you, this is a serious back-up supply housing a minimum 5200 milliamp battery with a five volt output, enough to fully charge most portable devices. BatteryBot charges from a wall outlet or computer connection in about five hours through micro-USB and discharges through USB with attached universal cables. The battery can be cycled 500 times before it needs to be replaced giving owners a long-lived portable charging solution.

BatteryBot has a large charge capacity meaning it will charge several of your devices before it needs to be charged and will hold a charge for up to six months. To check how much charge is available simply press a small button under the base and the LED feet light up indicating by color the amount of charge remaining. BatteryBot will retail for an estimated eighty dollars, if you want to pick one up cheaper and get an exclusive Terry Le Bat character, check out their Kickstarter campaign.

Check them out: Mimoco