Bikespike Gives Riders the Ability to Track Cycling ActivitiesIf you are an avid rider, you can add a layer of security to your bike and yourself while also tracking and sharing your cycling activities with a Bikespike bicycle tracker.

Bikespike is a small bicycle tracker that securely mounts to the water bottle area on a bike. It works internally by using a small GPS chip, an accelerometer and a cellular connection. When combined with an Android or iOS app, the device sends data about the ride telling the rider how far they have gone, the speed they traveled and where they are. The device also lets riders digitally lock their bike, and will get notifications on their phone if the bike is moved at all, like a car alarm. Bikespike enables riders to know the exact location of their bike, which is very handle if someone else helps themselves to your ride. The functionality of Bikespike has several other applications like keeping tabs on your kids. If you have been in an accident, Bikespike’s collision detection will send an alert to people who you choose to notify and where you are.

Bikespike bicycle tracker is powered with a rechargeable battery and will last about a month on a charge with casual riding. It ships with limited time coverage on the cell network and once that expires, riders will have to subscribe to a cell plan for coverage. The Bikespike team has set up a Kickstarter page if you want to help them out and you can get in early with your own Bikespike for 149 bucks.