BreathAcoustics Headset for Improved Health and PerformanceSlow down and breathe. You have heard it before, and when life gets a little crazy or when you are pushing yourself athletically, one of the most important functions of living, breathing, sometimes is overlooked. BreathResearch has a new idea, and it is listening to you breathe for relaxation and a better you.

BreathAcoustics is a multi-function and fully adjustable headset with the primary goal of listening to and analyzing your breathing patterns promoting better performance, health and relaxation. The device works with a combination of sensors. On the arm of the headset is a microphone that listens to you breathe, counting the number of inhales, exhales and pauses. Just below the earpiece is an optical sensor for monitoring physiological data like dissolved oxygen, heart rate and pulse. These metrics are transferred to a smart device app, MyBreath that interprets the data providing a complete picture of your respiration combined with geological data like location, altitude and barometric pressure. The developers have done several studies linking improved breathing patterns to improved training, less stress, better sleep and even weight loss.

The BreathAcoustics headset is designed to be a minimal accessory to your daily life with an elegant design that lets you listen to music and even answer calls while improving your health. The team of doctors and professionals are also opening the API to developers to encourage more application development. BreathResearch has an Indiegogo campaign running for the BreathAcoustics, check it out and start breathing easier.

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