Breathometer Takes the Fear Out of the Beer RunBefore you make your next beer run, make sure the person going is legal to drive. The new Breathometer breathalyzer will help you nominate the individual that will be heading out or maybe the friend who will get everyone home from happy hour safely.

Breathometer is a small breathalyzer designed for smartphones that plugs into the audio jack and works with a downloadable app. It’s an easy process to check if you are over the limit, just blow in the device and the app will display your blood alcohol level (BAC). The app is designed to be as simple as possible for when you’re at your best and the device is as accurate as a consumer breathalyzer. The app will also track your BAC over time so you know if you are sobering up or, simply press a button in the app to make the responsible decision to call for a ride. Breathometer also fits right on your keychain so it’s always handy if you need to use it.

The company bringing Breathometer to market simply wants responsible drinkers to make smart decisions. The facts are staggering. Everyone knows someone who has gotten behind the wheel when they shouldn’t have, and with the Breathometer breathalyzer, you will discreetly and immediately know if it’s safe to drive.

Breathometer is in development now and for a 20-dollar contribution on Indiegogo, you can grab, “one for road.”

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