CaddieON Gives Golfers a Caddie on Their Smart DeviceGetting serious about your golf game means keeping accurate score, recording distances, club selection and all kinds of game metrics frustrating the four-some behind you. CaddieON lets you focus on just your game, handling the details for you.

CaddieON is a golf toolset that combines a wearable wrist device, a smartphone application and individual club RFID tags to track the details of every shot while on the course. It only takes a minute to set up the system, just insert the tags into the top to the club grip, select the course, power up the wrist device and you are ready to hit the links. The wrist device looks like a common watch and uses an accelerometer to count the number of times you swing the club recording the club used and the location through GPS. The information is transferred through Bluetooth to a smart device application that not only keeps track of the score, it also remembers the distance of the shot making recommendations over time on club selection. The app also uses Google maps to give the player a birds-eye view of the hole they are playing, including distances, hazards, bunkers and lets the player relive their game later at the nineteenth hole.

The CaddieON team knows they cannot visit every course in the world and are offering golfers the chance to map their local course using a mapper tool. You can check out the details of the mapper program and even set-up your player portal through their site. CaddieON is seeking funds through Indiegogo and is targeting a spring release of their product for 399 bucks.

Check it out: CaddieON