Candles Get Colorful and Interactive with PLAYBULBThere is no denying that even one lit candle can change the ambiance of any occasion from ordinary to warm and inviting. PLAYBULB is a colorful replacement to regular candles offering lighting options in a portable and interactive package.

PLAYBULB is a fun twist on the traditional candle using thirty-milliwatt LED lights and an Android or iOS application to glow in any color you choose. Setting up the candle is as easy as inserting three AA batteries, flipping the power switch and then connecting through Bluetooth to your smart device. With the free application, color, brightness or lighting effects can be selected for each candle or candles can be grouped and controlled together. The batteries give the candle a continuous lifespan of about 240 hours of run-time and when it is time to turn it off, just blow it out like a regular candle.

PLAYBULB uses LED lights that run cool so there is never a danger of overheating or burning and the device is water resistant so it can put up with a little bit of rain when used outdoors. PLAYBULB will retail for only 17 bucks and is looking to hit the market in late 2014.

Check it out:

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