Capture and Share Perfect Moments Instantly with LightboxIt never fails that when you see something that would make the perfect photo or video, by the time you dig out your phone, the moment is gone. With a Lightbox wearable camera, grabbing those moments is easier than ever.

Lightbox is a first-person wearable camera capturing or streaming photos, video and audio instantly so you never miss a moment. The camera is only 1.5-inches square and uses a strong magnetic clip to attach just about anywhere becoming your personal life photographer. Lightbox uses an eight-megapixel high-definition sensor to grab photos and videos either by tapping a button or by programming the unit to automatically take images through the app. Lightbox uses your smart device to transfer or stream photos and video to the cloud and even post directly to social sites so you can share what is happening in your life with family and friends instantly.

Lightbox is constructed in an aluminum body with a sapphire lens protector and is waterproof making it durable enough to go anywhere. The internal, rechargeable battery will last for about 1100 photos or 30 minutes of video, and can be doubled with an extra external battery pack. Lightbox is targeting a late 2014 release and will retail for only 189 bucks.

Check it out: Lightbox by Catch Motion

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