Centralize Connected Home Notifications with LaMetricUnless you are expecting an important call or email, chances are you are not walking around your house with your smart device. LaMetric is a small light display system that will do much more than alert you of an incoming email; it will centralize notifications for your connected home.

LaMetric is a stand-alone light display that pairs with WigWag, SmartThings and Ninja Blocks to provide at-a-glance notifications. It uses one-touch buttons to interact with and respond to notifications, allowing the user to simply press a button when a notification is received to take action, like open a browser or email on a paired device. Set-up is performed through a smart device application where users can customize icons, create rules, customize notifications and even check metrics. The applications for LaMetric are expansive, from a simple clock to wall notifications for a business or pretty much anything you can imagine.

LaMetric uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for power or, if you are looking to save a few bucks, is available in a corded version. LaMetric can be picked up by supporting their Kickstarter campaign with delivery in early 2015 for just 129 bucks.

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