Chrona Reacts to Sleep Stages for Better SleepActivity trackers bring a little science into everything you do so you can optimize your time in the gym, on the court, on the treadmill and with Chrona, in bed for better sleep.

Chrona is built into a memory foam pad that is placed inside a pillowcase where it uses an array of sensors to not only track, but also interact, with sleep stages. Like other sleep monitors already available, typical metrics are recorded and delivered through a Bluetooth connection to the sleeper’s smartphone for review and long-term study. What makes Chrona unique is its ability to identify and enhance key sleep cycle stages. Using built in speakers, low-frequency delta range sounds boost deep sleep cycles while high-frequency alpha range sounds induce refreshing, less groggy wake-ups. The wake-up time can be natural based on your sleep cycle or set through a smart device as an alarm that will gently wake you at home or while traveling on business.

Chrona was developed from a Washington University project and has been tested at sleep labs in St. Louis before finding its way to a pillow near you. The Chrona sleep system is hitting the market in October of 2015 and will retail for around 170 bucks, check out their Kickstarter and sleep easy knowing you got yours for half price.

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