Clean Cup Defunks Beer Pong Balls for Kinder MakesYou sink it and they drink it. Those are the rules of beer pong that you have to live by when that filthy dirty ball lands in your cup, making a rough night of Beer Pong harder to swallow.

Clean Cup is finally showing beer pong players some of the love that golfers have been enjoying for years, the ability to wash their balls. Clean Cup is very easy to use; just drop the ball in, press a button and in about five seconds the ball is defunked and ready to toss. The unit sprays water on the ball drawing from an internal reservoir and filters that water of all debris before it returns, making it a snap to clean and refill between matches. Clean Cup uses replaceable batteries and a visual LED indicator that not only turns blue when a wash is in progress, it will turn red when the batteries are running low.

Clean cup is portable and designed to fit right in on the table with the added benefit of removing any chance of drinking the wicked nasty rinse cup by accident. Clean Cup will be available in late 2015 and will come complete with a Clean Cup unit, filter, balls and limitless dirty ball jokes.

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