Coin Stores Your Credit Cards on One Convenient Smart CardEvery card in your wallet from credit cards to loyalty cards does basically the same thing and with the same strip technology, so why build a bulging collection when you can get a device that stores your cards on one card.

Coin is a credit card sized storage device that works in the exact same way as the rest of the cards you already carry. It uses a smartphone app and a credit card reader that comes with the Coin to simply swipe and store as many cards as you want and then transfer up to eight cards to the Coin. Coin works in any credit card reader or even ATM and the press-button that selects which card you want to use is designed to prevent accidental card selection. Coin will alert you if it is left behind through a Bluetooth Low Energy tether with your smart device and if the card does not find your phone in a set amount of time, as in stolen, the device deactivates itself.

Coin uses an internal battery for power designed to last two years with normal use with no option for recharging, meaning you have to replace your Coin when it runs out of power. Coin will be arriving in the summer of 2014 and the company is taking preorders now saving early adapters almost half of the 100 dollar expected retail price; but you will need a credit card.

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