Complete Home Connectivity with the Oort SystemImagine one connectivity system that can help find keys, track people and pets, turn appliances on and off at your home or office, from anywhere in the world. Oort is a new remote control system that will go beyond what people have come to think of remote home connectivity.

Oort is a collection of Bluetooth Low Energy devices that use a central hub to monitor just about everything in your life. The hub can be placed in a home or office and uses Wi-Fi to communicate to the Oort cloud (not that Oort cloud) enabling remote access from a smart device application. Aside from turning devices on or off, Oort can track pets, children, humidity, temperature, air quality or if a plant needs water when you away from the home or office. The application also enables alerts based on proximity sensing that can notify the owner of a device left on, if a pet or child has left the vicinity or even track employees coming and going from work.

Oort creates an environment of control to your surroundings while keeping track of power usage so owners can monitor reports and adjust consumption to save money. The entire system starts with the hub, which will retail for 99 bucks with devices sold separately making the system customizable to meet individual control and tracking needs. Oort is seeking funds though Kickstarter to bring their, “Internet of Everything” to everyone by late 2014.

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