Customize Bicycle Bell Sound and Light with MyBellThe last thing most of us expect to hear on a bike trial is a truck or ship horn behind us. Riders using a MyBell could use these or any sound they can think of, as a horn option.

MyBell is a handlebar-mounted digital bicycle bell and light that gives riders the ability to customize with their favorite sound, song and light pattern. The system uses a water resistant USB port allowing drag and drop file transfer of up to two sound files in popular formats like MP3 and WAV, light patterns in a MIDI format and for charging the device. Once loaded and installed on the bicycle, a one-button interface controls MyBell using single and double-clicks to activate the first or second sound file giving riders alarm options depending on their situation. The volume of the sound files can be adjusted with an upper limit of a very loud 96 decibels while the the LED lights give the rider brightness options to 110 lumens, perfect for riding at night.

MyBell has been tested to survive simple drops of up to six feet, is water resistant and the battery will last for about two days of typical usage. MyBell is seeking funds through Kickstarter hoping to offer a product in early 2015 with backers getting their MyBell first for just 99 bucks.

Check it out: MyBell

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