D-Key Builds a Smarter Version of the Simple Allen WrenchI recently learned more than I wanted to know about an Allen wrench including the fact that just by making the wrench more like a key, the tool would generate forty-two percent more torque.

D-Key is a new way of thinking about Allen wrenches that puts the tools on your keychain for convenience. The D-Key is only half the size of a long Allen wrench generating almost double the torque of a wrench of the same size. Torque on a typical Allen wrench is limited by the thickness and length of the wrench giving D-Key an advantage providing the user with 78% more surface area. Unlike a typical Allen wrench, only one side of the key can be used but when you need it, D-Key is there, in your pocket.

D-Key will be launching a Kickstarter soon to get these tools onto your keychain. The product design is final and D-Key plans to use the funds to start the manufacturing process with a product release later this year.

Check it out: D-Key

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