Ditch the Dustpan with a Bruno Smart Trash CanDropped cereal, crumbs, pet hair and those little rocks that stick to your bare feet; your kitchen floor sees it all. With Bruno in your kitchen, cleaning annoying messes could not be easier.

Bruno is a smart trash can with a built in floor-level vacuum that eliminates the need to track down a dustpan for quick cleanups. The sensor on Bruno detects when a pile of debris is being swept near the inlet and activates the vacuum, pulling the debris directly into the trash bag inside the can. The lid of the system opens with a wave of the hand for touch-free discarding of trash and uncovers the smart design and organization. The top of the lid opens to reveal the air filtration and charging plug with a bag storage area just below for easy access when it is time to take out the trash.

No smart system is complete without an application and Bruno’s will remind you when bags are low or that today is trash day, connecting you with your trash can like never before. Bruno will be available in several colors and will retail for 250 bucks with a release date in late 2015.

Check it out:

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