Doodles Become Digital Instantly with the Equil SmartpenGreat ideas happen when pen meets paper and doodles become more than drawings, they become vision. The Equil Smartpen digitizes your doodles, notes and drawings instantly so they can be shared electronically.

The Equil Smartpen is more than just a workable pen or device stylus, it uses ultrasound and infrared to accurately capture everything you write. The pen uses a receiver giving the user the ability to capture and store thousands of pages and then transfer those pages to different apps, pairing to a device through Bluetooth. The Equil Note application uses handwriting recognition to transform student notes, business ideas or just a shopping list into editable text while the Equil Sketch app takes advantage of the pen’s 600 levels of pressure sensitivity allowing creative works in layered compositions.

The Equil Smartpen includes a carrying case that doubles as a USB charger for the device, keeping it safe between meetings or classes. The Equil Smartpen is finalizing their Indiegogo campaign and will retail for 169 bucks; backers can still grab one for a discount with delivery in late 2014.

Check it out:

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