DroneShield Gives People a Heads Up Drone AlertWhen radar was starting to be used catch speeding cars, the radar detector fought back giving drivers a heads up to slow down. A more modern-age sound meter version is being developed, and this time, it is literally telling you, “heads up!”

The DroneShield is a small sound meter that alerts the user that a drone is in the vicinity even before the person can hear it. It works by passively capturing sound and comparing any noise to a database of signatures. If a match is found, the DroneShield goes into alert mode, flashing lights, emailing and sending text messages. As drone signatures change or new drones enter the privacy war, the database will be updated and DroneShield users can even add a signature to the collection.

DroneShield is rechargeable and requires a wireless connection to send text and email alerts. Look for DroneShield to hit the market later this summer.

Check it out: DroneShield