Easily Grow Indoors with a Click & Grow Smart Flowerpot SystemIf you like to cook but do not have the space or time to grow your own herbs, Click & Grow is a smart flowerpot solution that fits perfectly on any counter or table.

Click & Grow takes the guesswork out of growing a small indoor garden using technology that ensures a plant gets the right amount of water, light, fertilizer and even air on the roots. The Click & Grow system is very easy to use, pop in four batteries, fill the water reservoir and insert a plant cartridge. The sensors within the Click & Grow monitor the cartridge and provide exactly what the plant needs to grow. There is nothing to do but wait a week of two to begin enjoying your indoor garden. The water reservoir only needs to be filled once every three to six weeks with LED indicators on the device that will blink to remind you.

Click & Grow cartridges are available in 13 different herbs, edible plants and flowers for about ten bucks each. When the plant you are growing reaches its natural life, remove the cartridge and pop in a new one. Each cartridge has a shelf life of a few years so you can keep your pantry stocked and always have a garden variety on hand. The Click & Grow comes in several colors to match your decor and you can pick one up for 79 bucks.

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