Experience Sleeping Scientifically Better with a Withings AuraSleep is an important factor in how we perform the next day and our overall health. Several studies have confirmed this fact and now, the Withings Aura is hoping to forever change how we fall asleep and wake up, two important factors for better sleep in a sleep solution.

The Withings Aura is a sleep solution system that combines an environmental monitor and a body monitor that work together to provide a better sleeping experience. The environmental monitor uses a combination of LED light and sound to relax you when going to sleep and to wake you up gently in the morning energizing you for the day ahead while keeping tabs on factors like room noise, light and temperature. The body monitor is placed under your mattress and collects information about your sleep state including any movements during the night, breathing and heart rate. All of this feedback is sent to a free app on your smart device giving you a complete picture of how you sleep and what wakes you up including automatic adjusting to progressively wake you up at the best time during your sleep cycle.

Aside from providing scientifically validated light and sound to help you fall asleep and wake, The Withings Aura also unclutters your nightstand giving you a clock, speaker and light combination in one contemporary package. The Withings Aura will be available in the spring of 2014 and will retail for around 300 bucks, check out their site and sign-up to be notified when it releases.

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