Fighter Pilot Turned Biker with the SMART Cycling HelmetHealth monitoring systems are showing up everywhere and now LifeBEAM is bringing their technology to the cycling world.

The SMART cycling helmet uses technology that was born from fighter pilot monitoring systems. It works by utilizing a small sensor at the front of the helmet. The sensor uses optical methods to continually monitor physiological data like heart rate, calories burned, oxygen saturation and other vitals that it sends to a processing unit in the back of the helmet. That data can then be sent wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.0 or ANT+ to a smartphone app, a sports watch or cycling computer in real time.

The best part of the SMART helmet is that the monitoring is non-intrusive. There are no restricting chest straps or armbands so riders can focus on their sport without distraction. The helmet runs off a lithium ion rechargeable battery that will power the device for about 15 hours. They have future plans to bring riders more parameters, cool features like a bike locator and even a heads up display option, just like real pilots.

The LifeBEAM SMART cycling helmet is in design now and they do have an Indiegogo page if you want to help them out.