FIXD Monitors Automobile Condition Through OBDThe dreaded, “Check Engine” light. We all know it is important and we are optimistic it will just turn itself off. With FIXD, you will know the condition of your car right away through on-board diagnostics on your smart device.

FIXD is an automotive diagnostics tool for everyday drivers who just want to know why their car is telling them it needs attention. The unit plugs into the on-board diagnostics (OBD-II) port located below your dashboard to monitor your car’s performance. If a problem is detected, an application on a synced smart device will notify the driver and explain the problem in easy to understand terms, the severity level and provide a cost estimate to fix the issue. The application does more than just detect problems; it also monitors mileage to recommend scheduled maintenance and will monitor multiple cars that are using the FIXD system.

Once FIXD is installed, it can stay plugged-in without interfering with the vehicle so you always have an idea about the health of your car. FIXD will retail for about 50 bucks and is looking to roll out a product in mid-2015, you can check out their Kickstarter for a discount.

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