FlameStower is Portable Power from Any Open FlameMobile devices have forever changed the backcountry camping experience, and with the new FlameStower, happy campers all over the wild will be able to keep those devices charged.

FlameStower is a portable and lightweight USB charging system bringing you a backcountry charging option for your phone, GPS, LED light or any portable device. It works by converting the thermal energy of a campfire or stove into usable power by heating a blade on one end and using water reservoir cooling the other end creating a thermal difference that generates power. The amount of power generated depends on the thermal difference meaning a hotter blade and cooler water creates more power for a maximum power output of three watts, effectively doubling the time of a home charge.

FlameStower is more than a camping accessory; finding an open flame, even a candle and some water will generate power in any survival, disaster or outage situation. FlameStower will sell for 80 bucks and is due out toward the end of the year; you can be one of the first to grab your own by supporting their Kickstarter campaign.

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