Foodini Prints Food for Amazing 3D Plating PresentationYou have some options if you are in the mood for pizza: you could have one delivered, go to the store and pick one up or, you could just print one out. Foodini is going to change the way food is prepared both professionally and in our own kitchens.

Foodini is a 3D printer for food that can be used to create visually appealing food designs that would normally take skill to make. Cooks interact with the appliance through a touch-screen interface that allows them to access an online recipe box and community site, set up the machine for any selected recipe and prepare the recipe. The system works like any 3D printer using food that is cooked or prepared ahead of time and loaded into injection tubes in the machine as instructed by the interface. When everything is set, just print the selected recipe and Foodini creates your food design right before your eyes.

Foodini not only prints food, it also contains a scanner that will create a design from anything placed in the 0.1-millimeter resolution scanner area. With the scanner, there are no limits to the real world objects you can create in food, impressing everyone at your next social gathering. Foodini is targeting an early 2015 release and early supporters of their Kickstarter can grab one for a discounted 1000-dollar price tag.

Check it out: Foodini