Forget Stashing Cash and Keys with PocketBandsSometimes you just need a low-tech solution to not having a pocket like when you are headed to the pool or beach. The PocketBands sports wristband were designed for just that.

PocketBands are a stylish and comfortable alternative to tying a key around your neck or stashing your cash in the toe of your shoe in a sports wristband. They are made out of stretchable surgical silicon for durability and comfort and can hold a couple of keys or some cash. They have several fashionable solid colors, a few pattern designs and also a glow in the dark model. PocketBands is also offering key-blanks that you can take to your hardware store and cut a key that will match your stylish band color. They come in several sizes to fit your wrist, although a quick check of the larger sizes would probably fit your ankle as well. You could put one on every limb and in a different color!

PocketBands would be great if your kids are heading out to play and you want to send them with some snack money or a way into the house. You also have the peace of mind that does not involve stashing a key that could be discovered in your milk-box. PocketBands has Kickstarter page up and generating interest, for just 10 bucks you can grab a solid color, or go for 20 and pick up a patterned model.

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