FuelBox is Mobile Power at Home or On the GoFuelBox is one of the more elegant mobile power charging solutions I have seen in a while combining device charging at home and on-the-go in one complete system.

FuelBox is a mobile power device charging solution that uses a docking, “powerStation” and an easily transportable, “boostPack”. The powerStation plugs directly into a standard outlet acting as a surge protector for anything using the outlet for power. The boostPack docks to the top of the powerStation using a magnetic connector and is capable of providing approximately 25 hours of extra battery life for mobile devices when fully charged. The best part about using FuelBox is there are no cords; both components are designed with built-in universally compatible charging connectors for almost all mobile device power needs.

FuelBox will launch in three colors and have a 2.1 Amp USB port for other devices needing a specialized USB charging corded option. FuelBox will retail for just 119 bucks when it is released in late 2014.

Check it out: FuelBox