Game Golf Records Your Game without the Little PencilThe next time you are at the nineteenth hole sharing stories about your game you could also be sharing your game. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, Game Golf is a seamless golf tracker and logging tool that will take your game social and give you feedback to improve.

Game Golf uses a set of tags that snap into the handle of your clubs with a main wearable system they are calling the GYG device. Every time you prepare to make a shot, just tap the tag against the GYG and the system will record every shot you take using near-field communications. Onboard the GYG device is a GPS and compass that records your location and direction so you can use Google maps to get an aerial view of your progress on the course you are playing. When you are ready to analyze the data, you can send your game to a golf tracker web application through low power wireless or a USB connection.

The Game Golf application will record your games over time so you can see your progress and let you compare your game to other golfers. It knows how long each shot was so if you really connect on a shot, you can see exactly how far the shot went. It will also have unique challenges, achievements and medals for improving your game, setting records and beating your personal best.

Game Golf will offer a premium subscription service at 50 bucks a year and free limited basic feedback. Game Golf has an Indiegogo campaign up and running and they have doubled their goal if you want to check them out. The Game Golf system will retail for 250 bucks.

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