GateKeeper Locks Your Computer when You are AFKFrom office environments to dorm rooms it is never a good idea to have your computer unlocked when you are away, inviting anyone to access your information. The GateKeeper makes sure that when you are away your computer is locked.

GateKeeper is a very small FOB computer lock that you can attach to your keychain, backpack, employee identification badge holder or just keep it in your pocket. It works with a USB dongle on the system and using Bluetooth wireless with AES encryption monitors signal strength between the two units. When the signal drops, the GateKeeper knows you are away from the keyboard and locks your system giving you peace of mind that your information and applications are secure. The range before triggering a lock is adjustable and setting up GateKeeper takes only about a minute on a Windows system; coming soon to Mac platforms.

GateKeeper does not like to be left behind and working with a smart device app will send a notification if your smart phone strays from the device giving users an added alert that their system is not secure. GateKeeper is targeting a summer release and is currently seeking funds through Kickstarter to get their fully functional prototypes into production.

Check it out:

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