Get a Leg Up on Any Fitness Training with LEOSerious workouts need serious analytics with real-time feedback for improvement in any activity. LEO can give you a leg up on your competition as an activity tracker with a complete array of body monitoring to optimize your exercises.

LEO is a wearable monitor using electromyography sensors that track muscle signatures to determine different activities and proper technique. The sensors are made of fabric and woven into a cuff that is worn on one or both legs. The sensors can measure muscle activity, including fatigue, targeting, coordination and intensity, biometrics including heart rate, hydration and calories and motion tracking. The complete set of collected data is sent through Bluetooth to a smart device application that presents this continuous data stream into easy to read charts and graphs along with real-time feedback specific to the activity. Workouts can be saved for historical progress tracking or shared with friends for competitive bragging rights.

LEO is water-resistant against sweat and rain, uses a rechargeable battery for power and is built with breathable fabric that is hand-washable. LEO will be available in early 2015 and will retail for 299 bucks; backers of their Indiegogo campaign can grab one, or two, for a discount.

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