Get Your Groove On Anywhere with GrooveMakerCreating a music bed or loop anywhere at any time just got a lot easier with the introduction of GrooveMaker, an iOS application that gives techno-musicians a portable music mixing studio right on their smart device.

GrooveMaker looks like most multi-track music mixing programs at first; once you start using the app, you quickly realize how easy it is to mix a loop. GrooveMaker lets the musician pick from one to eight tracks and using the grid format quickly change up the loop just by moving the blocks in the track to select different grooves of each sound. Each individual block can be manipulated in the pad view changing the loop tempo while listening to it live. The length of each groove can also be changed and effects added allowing for complex compositions all by simply sliding within the intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Once a loop is built to your satisfaction, a snapshot song can be taken and sequences built by connecting each song in the sequence builder.

GrooveMaker also allows songs to be imported, exported and shared through a variety of options, and after just 15 minutes with the application, the bed on this video was created by me with no prior knowledge of the app. GrooveMaker is available now on the iTunes Store for just 10 bucks with additional music packs available in the application for a few bucks more.

Check it out: GrooveMaker