Go Beyond Visibility with the Fos Wearable Display SystemThe best way to stay safe when biking or running at night is to light yourself up. The wearable Fos fabric LED armband display system will make you visible and if you want, your message seen.

Fos is a wearable fabric patch LED armband display system that uses Velcro to affix where you want it and with super bright LEDs to make the wearer visible. The Fos fabric system is designed to be very light, thin run up to 4 hours on a charge and also has Bluetooth connectivity. Using a smartphone app, wearers can take control of every pixel and animation displayed on their Fos patch. With the app, runners and riders can program their route into their phone and the Fos fabric will use indicator symbols alerting drivers to you direction. Users of the Fos can display their workout stats to others, showing calories, distance and other metrics that you decide to show using the app.

Fos is currently being developed in three different forms to match your unique needs, from single to double height and in a fashionable belt. The belt is more of a fashion accessory and uses the app to display different patterns, animations or whatever you want to show the world. Fos will be lighting up your clothes starting in 2014, you can help bring it to the market by supporting their Kickstarter.

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