Go Kin Packs Have Redefined the Power WalkGoing for a power walk usually means heading out for a fitness speed walk. With Go Kin Packs, going for a power walk is literally going for a power walk.

Go Kin Packs carry more than just your stuff; they contain a complete power generating and storage system. The packs work by using an internal generator that utilizes two cables attached to the wearer’s ankles or shoes producing power as they walk. Generated power is then stored to a lithium-ion battery inside the module. During testing of the system, after just a brisk five-minute walk, the pack contained enough juice for a ten to twenty-five minute phone call. The pack will charge two mobile devices at a time through five-volt, two-amp USB connections; the battery itself can be charged with a power cord.

Go Kin Packs is currently being designed in two form factors: a backpack and fanny pack style. By supporting their Kickstarter, you can grab a backpack for 395 bucks; the fanny pack will run you 295.

Check them out: Go Kin Packs

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