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goTenna Enables Communication without Cell ServiceGetting away from it all usually includes any reliable cell service, making communication very difficult, unless you are using goTenna.

goTenna utilizes the Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS) frequencies to communicate short distances between two smartphones when no cell service is available. It pairs with a smartphone through an application using Bluetooth-LE enabling the user to send text messages and location details. goTenna acts like other antennas in that the range can be affected by both obstacles and altitude, giving the unit a maximum range of fifty miles under perfect conditions. Broadcasts from the goTenna will be received by all other goTenna devices in range, with encryption and, “self-destructing messages” for targeting a specific goTenna user or group.

goTenna is rechargeable through a micro-USB connection and will last for approximately thirty hours of continual usage. goTenna is water and dust-resistant, comes in four colors and is sold in pairs for only 150 bucks with an expected product release date in late 2014.

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