Greenbox Keeps Your Lawn and Wallet Looking GreenKeeping your grass green can be challenging and for a lot of us involves guesswork that can underwater or overwater your lawn, wasting money. Greenbox is about to bring sprinkler control technology into the smart home age.

Greenbox is a sprinkler control system designed by 22 Seeds that uses your smartphone to program and optimize watering schedules. Installing Greenbox is easy enough, just mount the controller on the wall next to your existing analog controller and move the control valve wires to the corresponding zones. Once the application is downloaded to your smartphone, the device will synchronize using Bluetooth Smart for programming your schedule without trying to figure out dials, switches and knobs that are less than intuitive. Greenbox uses the cloud to store your preferences and sends alerts based on your local weather. You can turn the system on or off from anywhere, no more waiting until you get home to turn off a sprinkler system running on a rainy day.

Each Greenbox controller will support up to eight zones with the app recognizing multiple controllers under the same user name. Based on the local forecast, it will recommend watering times and schedules so your lawn will get the perfect amount of water every time. You can preorder a Greenbox now for 179 bucks and it will be delivered to you this fall when you can start keeping your wallet greener too.

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