Grush Turns Brushing into an Interactive Learning GameEvery parent knows the challenges of getting their children to brush and even if they cooperate, the only way to really know if they are brushing properly is at their next dental exam.

Grush is a new idea that combines a smart toothbrush with a mobile application that runs games children can play as they brush, teaching them to brush properly. The Grush uses a motion detection system similar to a gaming controller, tracking everything including stroke, rotation and intensity and then wirelessly transmits this information to the mobile device. Several games teach kids how to brush with activities like Monster Chase, a Toothy Orchestra and a friendly animal theme, Brush-a-Pet. The app also keeps track of the child’s brushing habits so parents can see at-a-glance who has been brushing, for how long and if they need to follow up.

Grush comes complete with everything parents need to get their kids on the road to good dental hygiene including a universal smartphone holder for the mirror, a comic book style instruction manual, a replacement brush head and even standard triple-A batteries. Grush is looking for funds to bring the product to parents by early 2015 on Indiegogo and early backers can grab one for as low as 30 bucks.

Check it out:

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