Haloband Controls Commonly Used Smart Phone FunctionsNear field communication (NFC) is nothing new for smart phone users especially when they want to transfer information quickly. Taking full advantage of NFC for simple phone control actions and making the phone easier to use requires a Haloband.

Haloband is a wearable and comfortable medical grade silicone bracelet worn on the wrist for activating smart phone functions as a phone control. Inside the band are three NFC chips: two that are used for creating tap combinations, the third chip accesses the cloud for identity and personal information, something truly unique to the Haloband. Using the Haloband app, up to six tap combinations can be defined by the wearer and tied to phone functions, like music control, the camera, unlocking the phone or just about any activity performed on a regular basis. Haloband never needs batteries as it only uses NFC tags and the silicon-enclosed band is watertight so you can take it with you anywhere.

Haloband will be available in four sizes to fit just about every wrist and in seven different colors. The estimated retail price is only thirty-five bucks making it one of the most affordable accessories for your phone. Haloband will hit the shelves next February; grab one for a discount by checking out their Kickstarter campaign.

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