Hammerhead is Sleek and Simple Bicycle Navigation


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Hammerhead is Sleek and Simple Bicycle NavigationThere have been several attempts at bicycle navigation systems primarily focusing on the helmet and heads-up displays. Hammerhead is taking a different route, making bicycle navigation simple and even sharable.

Hammerhead is a sleek device for bicycle navigation that simplifies directions while keeping your eyes on the road. The device uses bright RGB LED lighting that can be seen under any lighting condition. With the app, riders program their route and navigation information from their smart phone GPS is sent to the Hammerhead through Bluetooth during the ride. The center light array shows distance to turns, hills or other waypoints, the top two arrays indicate turns to the rider and also flash the sidelights for visibility and the front panel lights the way at night.

Riders can share their route and experience with friends and, speaking of friends, the app will also guide you to friends out on the road. Hammerhead is powered by an internal battery giving it about twenty hours of operation. The device is completely waterproof, shockproof and can be recharged through micro USB. Hammerhead is seeking crowd funding on Dragon to bring the product to market, toss them seventy-five bucks and grab one for you next ride.

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