HAPIfork Provides Haptic Feedback for Eating HealthyYou can improve your health and lose weight just by eating at a slower pace and now, a smart fork that that I always thought would stand the test of time is getting an upgrade to teach us how to eat again.

The HAPIfork is the world’s first smart fork that tracks several factors as you eat a meal. It counts the number of times it travels from the plate to your mouth, or, “fork servings” and measures the interval between fork servings. If the interval is too short, indicating you are stuffing your face at a record pace, the HAPIfork will gently vibrate reminding you to slow down. It knows when you start your meal and when the meal is complete giving you a total duration. After the information is transferred to your HAPILABS dashboard via Bluetooth or with the included USB cable, it will provide graphical feedback helping you develop healthy eating habits.

The HAPIfork comes in several colors, is simple to set-up and use and is dishwasher safe. They also have a mobile app for Android and iOS phones to adjust your HAPIfork on the go and you can even share your data with friends and family on an online social game. The HAPIfork Kickstarter is almost completely funded; if you want one, toss them 89 bucks.

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