HOLHO Holographic Projection Systems for Smart DevicesThe ability to turn your smart phone or tablet into a holographic projector for just thirty bucks may sound like science fiction. Imagination Farm is going to make it a fact later this year with holographs from your device with their HOLHO holographic pyramid.

HOLHO is a holographic pyramid for smartphones and tablets that create an optical illusion hologram from photos and videos. The full pyramid systems are design to either place on top or under a device where the projected image is reflected off the sides of the pyramid creating the holographic illusion in the center. The naked model, designed for tablets also doubles a case and projects the image on an oblique surface. The zed model works much like the naked model and can be portable but is designed as a picture frame with a white LED light illuminating the image. The three faces pyramid is not so portable, elegant and built to impress for business, projecting the image to three sides for stunning commercial presentations. Each of these products can project your photos and video using the HOLHO app changing images to three or four-sided projectable content with best results shooting against a black background.

HOLHO will also release several videos to get you started giving you a unique accessory on your desk and making your cube the talk of the office. The systems have been developed and tested and Imagination Farm is gearing up for production of the HOLHO; look for it later in 2013 and secure yours now by supporting their Kickstarter.