iDoorCam is a Door Peephole for This CenturyIf you have ever wondered who is at your house or office door when you are not around, the iDoorCam is a smart doorbell that turns your smart phone into an intercom system.

iDoorCam is a combination doorbell, camera and intercom system that uses a smartphone app to see who is at your door. Installing is as easy as hooking up a new doorbell using your existing doorbell wiring to power the device and then connecting it to your home Wi-Fi network. When someone comes to the door and presses the button, a video and audio feed is activated and a push notification is sent to the mobile app allowing you to see and converse with the visitor. The smart doorbell is designed to work in harsh environments, is completely waterproof, made of strong UV plastics so there is no Wi-Fi interference and has a battery backup for protection against power outages. It will also chime your regular indoor doorbell chime as a doorbell button would normally.

iDoorCam was deliberately designed to only be installed only once to protect against theft, so if you move, your existing system stays behind. The app will be available for Android and iOS devices and there are plans for a desktop version so you can see who is at your door from a computer. The iDoorCam will be available later this year and you can secure one of the first systems by supporting their Indiegogo campaign.

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