iFocusBand Teaches a Calm Mind for Better PerformanceAchieving focus can improve many activities from a round of golf, better meditation or maybe a more professional business presence. When you are focused, you simply perform better and with an iFocusBand, learning to focus gets a lot easier.

iFocusBand is a thin strip containing neurosensors that monitor brainwave activity and provides real-time audible and mobile feedback. The band fits snug into any standard cap or headband and uses three silver oxide sensors that not only make the band comfortable, they also give it an antibacterial component. The band uses three modes to train your brain to be calm and focused including stand-alone functionality with an ear bud for audible feedback, a mobile avatar mode for visual feedback and even a competition mode for proving that among your friends, you are truly the coolest under pressure.

iFocusBand uses an internal battery, which gives the system about six hours of power and is completely rechargeable through a micro-USB connection. While the band was initially designed for sports, any activity requiring a calm and focused mind will benefit from the training the system provides. iFocusBand will be released later in 2014 and is seeking funds on Indiegogo to get the product produced with early adapters receiving a discount on the estimated 300-dollar price tag.

Check it out: iFocusBand

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