Illuminate a Dark Room with a SnapPower GuidelightPlugging nightlights in all over is not going to do much for your decor even though they help navigate a dark house. The SnapPower Guidelight gives you a sensible lighting alternative at any outlet, and reminds me of a movie theater.

The SnapPower Guidelight looks like a typical outlet cover in every way except with the added benefit of three LED lights that work with a photo-sensor, turning on in dark conditions. The wall plate installs in a few minutes with no wiring knowledge needed as the unit draws power from electrical contacts that touch the wire-mounting screws on the outlet receptacle. The SnapPower Guidelight does not heat up like a typical bulb-based nightlight making it a safe alternative while also keeping the outlet usable with both receptacles available to power other appliances.

The SnapPower Guidelight replaces a standard duplex or decor wall outlet plate and will be available in white, light almond and ivory to match your existing outlet covers. Snap Power is hoping to bring the unit to the market by May of 2014 and are currently seeking funds through Kickstarter for the initial production run.

Check it out:

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