Improved Phone and Tablet Photos and Video with iBlazerSmart phones and tablets have put a photo and video camera in just about every pocket and are great at capturing, “you gotta see this” pics. If you want to take better, professional shots, you need a real light source that works with your device.

iBlazr is a small light source that uses your device’s audio jack to get the lighting you need for better photos and video. Just because the device is small, the lighting it provides with the four LEDs is real, giving shooters a 200 lux flash through 60-degree optics to put perfect lighting on your subject. With the iBlazr plugged-in, the free app allows users to not only adjust the brightness and swap between front and back cameras, it also fully synchronizes the flash with the phone or tablet capture. The device modes include a continuous light option for shooting video or maybe just to find something in the dark.

The iBlazr only uses the audio jack to work with the app, not for power. The onboard internal battery is fully rechargeable through USB and will last for up to 1000 flashes, forty minutes of full light or up to three hours of continuous light in battery saving mode. This makes iBlazr a stand-alone product and using the flexible, stay where you place it charging cord, the device doubles as a lighting source wherever you need light. The iBlazr will be available in black, white or a premium brushed aluminum model complete with custom laser engraving. You can pick one up now by supporting their Kickstarter campaign for just 39 bucks.

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