Instant Home Monitoring and Security with the NetCamIf you’ve ever wanted a home security camera system but don’t want to deal with set-up frustration or spend a lot of money, then Belkin has a system for you.

The Belkin NetCam is a very small camera system that you can place anywhere in your house. It communicates directly with your wireless router and sends video and audio to your smart device through a free app that is available for both Android and i-Devices. There is no complicated set-up with your wireless network, just push a button and done!

This thing gets even cooler. It has built in infrared so you can see what’s going on when the lights are off or in low-light conditions. Combine that with motion sensors and it will send you an email alert when it detects movement where there really shouldn’t be movement. It has a wide-angle field of view so it can see more of the room and if you need to, you can even capture live video on your phone through the camera; wherever you are, and at up to 30 frames-per second.

Belkin has also announced an HD version is on the way taking the resolution up to 720p and allowing the system to interact with their WeMo devices. The NetCam is available now for only 99 bucks and the NetCam HD is on the way this spring for 149.

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