Intelligent Plant Care with the Biom Smart FlowerpotWhen a pet needs attention, they let you know, which is not an easy trick for a houseplant. Biom gives your plant a voice and takes the stress out of greening up your urban lifestyle.

Biom is a smart houseplant pot that uses a variety of low-power sensors and a smart device application making it easy to take care of your green roommates. The shape of the pot is designed for urban living making it ideal for secure installation on a patio rail or simply sitting on any table. The sensors inside the pot can detect if water or fertilizer is needed, or better sunlight and temperature with a highly visible light indicator alerting when these plant conditions need human attention. The information from the sensors is also sent to a smart device application that has the ability to monitor one or several Bioms.

Biom is planning a release in early 2016 with an estimated cost of 55 bucks.

Check it out: Biom Smart Flowerpot