Ion Light Turns Any Room into a Personal RaveWhen I was younger, I had a Lava Lamp for making a lighting mood effect and you can still find them around. The new Ion Light does much more than make visual forms and, I am sure it is just a coincidence; it comes from a company called, “Lava”.

The Ion Light uses forty multi-color LED lights encased in a durable acrylic tube with capacitive touch aluminum caps to light up your day and enhance the mood. The light can be set to any one of the pre-programmed lighting effects simply by tapping the top cap or by setting the mood through the Ion smartphone application. The app allows users to set alarms to wake you up, program light effects to match several phone notifications or even show the outside weather using a very creative lighting effect interpretation of the forecast. Ion has several modes but the real magic of this light show is the, “Rave” mode using the built in microphone to interact with the music being played effectively giving light to sound.

Ion plugs into any standard outlet for power and can be set-up and tethered to a smart device in just a few seconds. The developers are also trying to keep this system open-sourced so with a bit of programming knowledge, you can create your own effects to go with any situation. Ion can be picked up from their Kickstarter page for just 200 bucks with an estimated delivery sometime in mid to late 2014.

Check it out: Ion